AdTrap: Setup Apple TV, Mac, and iOS Devices

AdTrap: Not Exactly “Zero Configuration”

But Satisfying Once It’s Setup and Working

I loved the idea of a hardware-based device to block ads, especially one that was easy to set up.  Unfortunately, my experience was not exactly graceful as was advertised.  I’ll show you how I set up my device.

I also found it odd that there were still backers of the project that still had not received their AdTraps, yet I ordered from, and got mine within a few days. Continue reading “AdTrap: Setup Apple TV, Mac, and iOS Devices”

Email: Why is there a “J” at the End of Some Emails?

The short answer is that the “J” in an email is actually meant to be a smiley face.

This happens a lot if you receive an email from someone who uses Outlook.  Outlook uses the Wingdings font to show a smiley face.  The letter “J” in ASCII happens to be in the same location as the Wingding smiley, so other email clients simply show it as a “J.” Continue reading “Email: Why is there a “J” at the End of Some Emails?”