LaGulch: A LaTeX-generated Print-and-Play Survival Game for 1-100 players

LaGulch: A LaTeX-generated Print-and-Play Survival Game for 1-100 players
A different game is generated every time you play!

LaGulch (lay-gulk), is a Print-and-Play game I have developed.  It is procedurally-generated using custom Go code so each sheet you print out will be unique.  This provides endless replayability.  

Random and procedural templated XeLaTeX from Go 

The game exists on one sheet of paper and you simply print, fold, make one cut and then you can play.  

It is the sort of game you can play with your friends or family while sitting on the couch while visiting.  If you're my age, you are getting lazy and don't want to move and it's hard to motivate the family to come to the table to play a game.  This allows you to hand them a sheet of paper and everyone can stay sitting where they are, but you can all enjoy a good game together.

The premise of the game is survival.  

  • you're stuck in a gulch
  • you need to forage for provisions to survive
  • you can craft things with those provisions
  • your mental health is limited and if it reaches zero, you die

Just about everything in the game is randomized or procedurally-generated:

Every game is unique, available in low-ink, grayscale, or color--letter or a4
  • your unique skill
  • the nightly events that you must endure
  • how easy or difficult it is to forage the items you need
  • what mental health episodes happen and when they happen
Random die table included so no physical/digital die is needed

The game is a 5-10 minute icebreaker game.  It's meant for easy learning and quick, but fun gameplay.  Check out the work in progress page on BGG for more info:

LaGulch [COMPONENTS READY] for 12th roll-&-write contest. A 1-100 player cooperative survival game | BGG
b] LaGulch[/b] “lay-gulk”A procedurally-generated, cooperative survival game in which 1–100 players spend up to eight nights in a gulch. Each printed sheet is procedurally-unique from code developed in Go and XeLaTeX. [imageid=6907733 medium] [b]Number of Players[/b]1-100 [b]Approximate Playin…