Huge Update To Ad List That The Pi-hole Uses

[UPDATE]: Phil shared an adList.conf from February 2015, which you can download and put onto your Pi if you already overwrote it with the big list mentioned in this post.  From your Pi, you can run this command:

sudo curl -s -o /etc/dnsmasq.d/adList.conf

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C.H.I.P. Is The $9 Computer That Is Smaller Than A Raspberry Pi

If you like the Raspberry Pi, you will love C.H.I.P.  For $9, the entry barrier to buying a computer is very low.  The Raspberry Pi set the bar, but if the C.H.I.P. is successful, a $9 computer is great! Continue reading “C.H.I.P. Is The $9 Computer That Is Smaller Than A Raspberry Pi”

A Web Interface For The Ad-blocking Pi-hole

Anon has generously created and shared a demo of a Web interface for their version of the Pi-hole.  It is the same concept: using dnsmasq and a Web server to block ads.  What’s different is that it runs via PHP and uses a database to store the entries so it can be modified from within a browser.  The project is up on Github, and I hope to collaborate to eventually create a Web interface for the Pi-hole. Continue reading “A Web Interface For The Ad-blocking Pi-hole”

Pi-hole Improvements: More Ad Domains And A Better Script

The Pi-hole blocks ads for every device on your network by re-routing known ad-serving domains to a fake Web server.  I made a new branch of the project, which I will eventually merge back in with the master project.  This branch has additional domain sources (306,000), and a better script that uses a loop so additional source URLs can be added in much easier.

In addition, I also added a list of sites that have domain blacklists, which I hope to add into the script.  Some of them need a lot of formatting, but there are many to look at.  Eventually, the Pi-hole can also be used to block malware domains, phishing domains, spam domains, and anything else you don’t want to see or visit while using the Internet. Continue reading “Pi-hole Improvements: More Ad Domains And A Better Script”

Plans For Pi-Hole Ad-Blocking: Built Into Routers, Block Video Ads, And More

The Pi-hole, a black hole for ads, runs on the Raspberry Pi.  It can block a bunch of ads right now, even ads in free Android games.  Many people have contacted me about setting this up on their router, so they do not need a separate device, but rather anyone who connects to your network would gain ad-blocking capabilities.

I have also tried blocking Hulu video ads (actually skipping them, not just showing a black screen for a minute and a half). Continue reading “Plans For Pi-Hole Ad-Blocking: Built Into Routers, Block Video Ads, And More”

Blocking Ads From 120,000+ Domains

Thanks to some members of the community, I was able to improve the speed and number of domains that the script.  This script is for use with the Raspberry Pi ad-blocking Pi-hole, which can now be installed automatically.  It now can block over 120,000 ad domains.  Thanks everyone who helped. Continue reading “Blocking Ads From 120,000+ Domains”

Attempting to Block Hulu Plus Video Ads Using A Raspberry Pi

[UPDATE 2015-03-28] I have some more information about blocking video ads.  I just need to make some time to write it up…

The keyword here is attempting.  What is strange is that I actually had this working at one point.  The Hulu video ads would be completely skipped (not just 30-90 seconds of silence).  Unfortunately, when I reinstalled Raspbian and tried to follow my own steps (a few weeks later), it no longer worked.  Since then, I have gone through the steps many, many times and have come to the conclusion that Hulu must have changed something on their end that disrupted my method, or I forgot to document a crucial step… Continue reading “Attempting to Block Hulu Plus Video Ads Using A Raspberry Pi”

MaidSafe Farmer On Your Raspberry Pi

The project is still under development and the only way to try it out, is by compiling it yourself, which will probably turn off the majority of interested parties.

I was most interested in becoming a “farmer” and earning SafeCoins by leaving my Raspberry Pi connected to the Safe (Secure Access For Everyone) Network, but after completing everything, I was left not knowing what to do.  It is confusing because the Website makes it seem like you can already easily get involved, but I think they are just in the testing phases still. Continue reading “MaidSafe Farmer On Your Raspberry Pi”

Pi-hole: Raspberry Pi Ad-Blocker [Advanced Setup]

Roll-your-own Pi-hole Ad-blocker!

Automated Install

Run this command only on a clean install of the Raspberry Pi running Raspbian.

curl -s "" | bash

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