2-12 Player Print-and-play Word Game On One Sheet

2-12 Player Print-and-play Word Game On One Sheet
Procedurally-generated print-and-play word game

After creating LaGulch, a survival PnP for 1-100 players, I wanted to try my hand at a less complex project. Today, I present you Lexicon Prognosticator.  A fast, easy-to-learn wordgame with tie-ins to Letter Jam and The Mind.  In fact, if those two games had a love child, it would be Lexicon Prognosticator.  


Each round, the players' only goal is to guess the hidden word.  The hidden word is the same for everyone, but everyone has different clues on their sheet.  This low-effort rules explanation gets players on board quickly.  As you progress through the rounds, you get fewer and fewer clues, but your collective conscience enables you more ability to guess the hidden word.

The collective hidden word is also a word that is most frequently-used in the english language.   This can aid players in guessing the hidden word.  You can also see how many letters the word is as an additonal clue.

Procedural and Random

Like LaGulch, Lexicon Prognosticator is different everytime you play thanks to the procedurally-generated utility.  Just run the program and it spits out a unique PDF--unique hidden words and matching synonyms.  

I started working on this game some time ago, abandonded it for a while, but then found some renewed motiviation to drive it to completion.


This game was inspired by the Tempest Prognosticator, a real device that used leeches and bells to predict the weather.  While it never took off, it was truly an interesting contraption.

In short, the leeches lived in a bottle and when it was going to rain, they would crawl to the top of their jar, causing a bell to ring and alerting those nearby that a storm is near.

In a similiar fashion, 2-12 players collectively try to predict the hidden word.  This also ties into the game The Mind, since you can start to get better the more you play because your minds start to synchronize with each other producing interesting effects!

For a limited time, give the pre-release game a try:

Two Preview Copies of Lexicon Prognosticator
Two draft copies of my upcoming game, Lexicon Prognosticator. This game is very difficult. Are you up for the challenge?