2D Game Development Log with Ebiten--now on Twitch

2D Game Development Log with Ebiten--now on Twitch

I'm moving my development live streams over to Twitch.  It seems like a better fit for it (and no one is watching on YouTube).  You can find it here:

jacobsalmela - Twitch
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I have made good progress since my last post about the game.  I'll show some of this progress in picture and caption form again.

The random, tiled stars were indeed random and sort of cool, but completely non-performant.
Once I got rid of the tile-version of the stars, they were overlapping the planets, which I fixed.
Planets were getting drawn off screen. This is stil an issue, but it happens less often during the random generation.
I had a lot of problems with the coordinates of cursor and the on screen items not matching up. It works now, but I think I broke a pattern that Ebiten was guiding me down, but I'm also doing something different with my game, so it seems to be working now that I fixed it. 
Next, I got some wireframing going, but as you can see, the coordinate still did seem to be off, so when I thought I had fixed it, I had to go back and fix that.
I also added debug info and names for ALL the objects, but it was a bit overwhelming with all the stars in place.
Now my wireframes were looking better and my ship could travel to wherever I clicked at a variable speed.
I turned on the debug again, and it's overwhelming but it does look nicer and I can validate the coordinates are all working.
Finally, I have three ships, each travelling at their own speed, and an ugly little "selected" icon when you click it.

My next task is to see if I can draw a new planetary image once you click into a planet on the map.  There's a lot of code I think I need to improve to help scale things.

I'm streaming daily but at random times--such is life with a new baby in the home.  Follow me on Twitch to get notified if I go live.