Learn Shell Scripting In 3 Hours

Learn Shell Scripting In 3 Hours

UPDATE 3: It's working now.

UPDATE 2: Just wait a while if you want to enroll.  Udemy support is doing things.

UPDATE: Udemy kidney punched me and you may not be able to enroll.  I'm working on fixing that now.

This won't make you an expert, but I did design the course to get you learning quickly.  90% of it is hands-on, learn-while-you-code.  The rest is just me explaining things that you see on your screen.  I've also added some fun nerdy stuff that may surpise you.

I have written shell scripts for over a decade and I want to start passing off that information.  If people enjoy this course, I will make an advanced shell scripting course.

You can check out the course here and if you want to purchase it, you can use the coupon code: COWSAY_THANKS for a better price.