Git Rebase Is The Pikmin Of Source Control

git isn’t easy to learn, and once you do, the git rebase command seems to invoke fear and confusion in many people.  But once you learn how to use it effectively, you’ll wish you had learned it sooner–both for your solo projects and while working on a fast moving development team.

I’m going to use Pikmin to describe git rebase for you.  Not only will it make things fun, but it also expertly illustrates what you’ll be doing with your code: manipulating it to achieve a certain goal, just like you’d do in the video game.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ve tried to read about rebasing but never really grasped the concept or you’ve glossed over as you’ve looked at images of branches that try to describe the process. Continue reading “Git Rebase Is The Pikmin Of Source Control”

Dynamic Profile And Badge Switching Without Shell Integrations In iTerm2

I use iTerm2 for all my terminal work.  One very nice feature it has is dynamic profiles.  But I usually don’t want to install shell integrations on every server.  Instead, I use my dotfiles and an SSH config to change profiles.  While working across different local, development, and production systems, it’s helps my mental state to know when I’m on a dev or prod system.  I have my system setup so when I:

  • SSH to a local vagrant box, my terminal turns purple
  • SSH to a development host, my terminal turns blue
  • SSH to a production host, my terminal turns red

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