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Fully Automated: DeployStudio Dual Boot

I was recently tasked with deploying dual-boot Macs to all new staff.  Naturally, I wanted this to be as automated as possible so it was repeatable and consistent.  I already knew how to use an answer file to fully-automate the Windows side of the deployment.  And I also knew how to fully automate the Mac side of things.

I did need to learn how to make Windows 10 into a deployable .pkg, which was the final piece needed to automate the entire dual-boot deployment process.


  1. Have DeployStudio installed
  2. Have a basic workflow setup for imaging a Mac
  3. Have a .pkg with a sysprep’d Windows 10 image

Setup Your DeployStudio Workflow

The first task should partition the drive to be 100% macOS (your Windows .pkg will partition it later on to be able to fit Windows on the drive).


The next task should deploy a macOS image.  The key here is to check the box for Add Generic BCD.

Finally, your last task should be to deploy the Windows 10 .pkg.  You can add whatever Mac-side tasks you need before this, but I usually have Windows deploy at the very end.

That’s it!  Image your machine and it will boot up to macOS.  Restart holding Option and you will be able to choose the Windows partition.  Assuming your answer file and sysprep work were done correctly, it will auto-configure itself.

Here is a time-lapse video of the entire thing in progress.  Note, I wanted to keep macOS the default OS, so when Windows needs to restart during the initial setup, I have to hold the option key.  This wouldn’t be necessary if Windows is set to

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Hey! you did a very good work there!
I was searching a long time for a solution dt deploy windows automatically to a mac.

Only thing is that I faced a problem: The Deployment goes just normally, but the package-install only takes about 3 seconds -> so to say it does nothing.

I thougt maybe SIP is a part of the problem, so I disabled it by DS script. The result was the same =/

Any idea?

OSX 10.12.5
DSA 1.7.6

Run the package manually and view the install log with Cmd+L…it may offer some clues. I’m no longer doing this kind of stuff at work so I can’t really test it effectively any more.

I did run into issues with the Netboot image needing some updates and dependencies…but can’t remember exactly what I did.

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