Automatically Change .om to .com To Prevent Malware

Automatically Change .om to .com To Prevent Malware

Malcontents are sneaky.  In their latest ploy, they are counting on you misspelling “.com” so they can send you to one of their fake domains.  So instead of going to, you end up at–a phony site determined to infect you with malware.  If you are not paying attention, you might not realize you are on the wrong domain.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to prevent this from happening by using TextExpander.  It is a paid app, but well worth the price of not getting malware (plus it is just a great app in the first place).

The trick to preventing mistyping the domain is quite simple.  You just set up a TextExpander rule that says if I type “.om,” immediately replace it with “.com.” The video below demonstrates this (watch closely because it happens fast!)

How To Set This Up

Once you have purchased and installed TextExpander,

1. Create a new group called Malware prevention.

2. Set the pull down menu labeled Expand When to Any character precedes abbreviation

2. Create a new snippet

4. Enter .com in the Content field

5. Enter .om in the Abbreviation field

6. Open the TextExpander preferences

7. Check the box and set the pull down menu labeled Expand abbreviations: to immediately when typed

Now whenever you try to type .om, it will immediately turn into .com, preventing you from ever ending up at a malicious domain!