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Pi-hole: Reaching Critical Mass

The Pi-hole project has been growing steadily for quite some time now and is been becoming difficult to manage.  I usually spend a few hours a night after my full-time job fielding questions and reviewing pull requests.   Lately, it has been mostly responding to people instead of writing code, because without a userbase, there is really no reason for the project, so you are my first priority.  That said, there is still a lot of work to do.

I really want the project to keep going so if you like it, please consider a donation.  Users who are contributing a lot to the project will see a portion of those donations (thanks especially to @dschaper).

I think this is a tipping point where the project could really take off kind of plateau off.  So I appreciate anything you can do to help!

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Well.. just donated a little bit … hope it’ll do some good…
even us foreigners appreciate your work 🙂
I don’t know how many people in Denmark use the pi-hole .. but in my opinion..everyone should!

It definitely helps! It’s especially motivating to me to know that people enjoy it enough to donate a little bit. I want to keep the software free.

Thanks again!

I sincerely appreciate that. The donations help a lot. Did you see we just released 2.5.3 with some very cool stats on the dashboard??

Oops, the screenshot was from an earlier version of our development branch. We will be adding the whitelist/blacklist feature in a future release. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi Jacob.
Maybe you’ve been asked this, but are you considering creating a Forum? I know you have the FAQ and Github.. and a few of my posts to the FAQ should’ve gone to github.. but what about a std. phpbb forum for the pihole community?

Dumb question.. but how do I log in?

There’s 1 login link on the right which leads to the WP login screen…

only thing missing is enabling user registration:

“User registration is currently not allowed.”

Hi Jacob 🙂
Is there any chance of getting a total ads blocked (over the life time of the Pi-Hole) on the web interface?

Yes! It is something we are working on. We are going to be using a database though since it will be much faster. We’re a bit slow though since we are all volunteer devs working on it in our free time, but stay tuned!

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