Ethical Ad Blocking: Have Your Pi And Eat It, Too.

The conundrum: Website content is supported by advertisements, but you don’t want to see them.  But when you block ads, you are costing your favorite sites money.

The solution:  Soon, there will be a way to make everyone happy.  Users can pay a subscription to support both the ad-blockers and the content creators and still not see any advertisements.

As mentioned on Optimal’s site:

We’re building a smart subscription service for all the content on the web, minus the ads.  We’ll pay the websites you love, and you will always see precisely where every microcent of your subscription is going and why…websites that create the best content should get paid more, as judged by you and thousands of others

Signing up for this service when installing the Pi-hole, will also help support my development efforts.  As both a developer and a blogging content-creator, I want to be able to keep doing it.

I’ll have more details soon.  As the project has grown considerably since I started it more than a year ago and I get positive feedback about it every day, I hope it is something you would consider to keep the Pi-hole alive.

As an extra incentive, I can tell you that the historical stats in the Web interface is almost here as well as blocking ads over IPv6.