OS X Accessibility Command Line Tool Available On Homebrew

OS X Accessibility Command Line Tool Available On Homebrew

I’m happy to announce that tccutil.py is now available on Homebrew.  A tool for modifying access to assistive devices from the command line.  You can install it like this:

brew install tccutil

The real tccutil (designed by Apple’s engineers), found in /usr/bin, only has one feature: to reset the services (tccutil: Usage: tccutil reset SERVICE).  From a system administrator’s perspective, this is very restricting.

Many apps that organizations use need to be able to insert, remove, enable, and disable access to assistive devices.  This is the reason I built tccutil.py.  I also named it essentially the same to send a subtle message to Apple that they should expand the capabilities of their tool.

But now that my tool is available via Homebrew, I think it will be able to reach a wider audience.  Plus, it is also more motivating for me to add new features.  Currently, the tool focuses on the accessibility database, but I would also like the tool to manage Contacts, Calendars, Location Services, etc.

If you are interested in contributing, please make me a pull request to review.