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How To Install The Pi-hole Web Interface

Currently, those of you who are running the Pi-hole from the DietPi image have the added benefit of the Web interface, which shows how your advertisement black hole is performing.  Due to an issue, I haven’t included it in the automated installer just yet.  But you can easily add it to your existing install by running a few commands.

Head over to for the full walkthrough.


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Followed the instructions and got the web interface running on both my Pi’s. However, I’m only seeing results for the number of dns queries in the interface. Ads blocked today, % of today’s traffic are both 0, even domains being blocked is showing nothing. Both Pi’s are running Wheezy. Any idea what could be wrong?

Double check the permissions of /var/log/pihole.log as that is the usual culprit when everything is 0 except for the domains blocked (which is read from /etc/pihole/gravity.list

Permissions are ok. And I’m seeing the results for the number of dns queries (so dnsmasq can read the pihole.log) but nothing else.
But I see what is wrong now. I’m missing gravity.list in the /etc/pihole directory. Probably has to do with the fact that I set up both my piholes months ago and you added/changed something to the installation script since my setup ;-). I’ll see if `I can fix it somehow, otherwise I’ll just reinstall everything.

You can easily install the latest script using this command:

sudo curl -o /usr/local/bin/ ""

I did that and that got me the gravity.list in /etc/pihole. However, I still did not get any info for ads blocked today and % of today’s traffic. So I decided to reinstall everything which unfortunately resulted in my pi not booting anymore after upgrading wheezy. I haven’t got a clue why that is happening. Installation of the DietPi image had the same result so it’s probably the sd card.
Looking around for a solution I found out that a virtual machine of DietPi exists. Downloaded that and I now have two virtual Pi-holes with working web interface running on my esxi server (I’ve retired my second Pi as well). Installation and setup of Pi-hole on the DietPi VM only takes a couple of minutes. Incredibly easy.

That’s pretty awesome! I should install a VM too. It sure would make testing stuff easier!

While testing this on an Ubuntu Vbox image. The Web Admin Console shows 0 on ‘Ads Blocked Today’ and ‘DNS Queries Today’.
All settings checked as mentioned here, still no result. Then I started changing the command used in the index.php file. Instead of using ‘awk’ I changed it to ‘gawk’ and it worked! (after: sudo apt-get install gawk)
Only the ‘Queries Today’ shows a very big amount, almost the same as the ‘Domains being Blocked’ amount. Maybe you can help me sort this out a bit further?

I’m glad it’s working now. I have also found that some different OSes also have different fields so the {print $} part of the code sometimes need modification as well. I’ll have to update that FAQ with some of this information. Thanks!

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