Create A Website On Your Mac Without A Webserver

Do you need a Website set up right meow?  Using netcat (nc), you can use your Mac to instantly set up a Webpage without configuring a Web server.  This could be used to quickly share files via a Web browser (by creating a hyperlink with file:///some/filepath/), or it could be used as a temporary Website while maintenance is being performed.

This command will create a Webpage that can be downloaded once.  After it is downloaded the program ends and the page will no longer be accessible.  You would need to enter the command again in order to view the page. Continue reading “Create A Website On Your Mac Without A Webserver”

Upcoming Features For The Ad-blocking Pi-hole: Back-end

The Pi-hole blocks ads for your entire network and it does so without any attention from you.  I get comments and emails every day of people saying that they like how well it works.  This is nice because since I know that it is operational, I can work on fun, new features.  I prefer to do things this way as there is no point in improving something that is already broken.  So thankfully, the Pi-hole continues to run!

In this post, I will tell you about some back-end improvements and then I will be making a another post about something really fun that I have been working on for the front-end. Continue reading “Upcoming Features For The Ad-blocking Pi-hole: Back-end”