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Custom El Capitan Login Window (No Longer Blurred)

I have shown you how to modify the login window for Mavericks and Yosemite.  The Yosemite trick still works in El Capitan with one added benefit: there is no longer a blurred overlaid on your image.

Just save your image as (it needs to a .png file):


Then log out and you should see your image.  It still works best to have your image right or left-justified so that it doesn’t cover up the username and password fields.


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Hey Jacob, thanks for the neat trick update man.
Am I doing something wrong if the image seems a bit “greyish”, almost like the contrast has been edited a bit?

That used to happen on Mavericks, but seems to have been eliminated in El Capitan. Did you make sure the file is a .png? Or perhaps there is a color/layer in your image causing the effect?

Hey! Thank you for the trick but here is a thing: it does work when I completely log out, but if I just repose it and open it again, it show a grey background but not the wallpaper I put in. Please help me,


You may notice that sometimes the image appears on the lock screen (by closing the lid). It seems to happen randomly–for me at least. I don’t know how to make the change permanent.

Hey there! Does anyone know if encryption has any effect on this setting? I have a Yosemite build on a MBP and have changed this setting, and while the login screen does change, it does not stay for long. It takes minutes for it to revert back to the standard image. I have tested on an un-encrypted El Capitan MBP and it works just fine. This is leading me to believe that encryption does affect it, however, I could have messed another different setting on my Yosemite build. I am not wanting to un-encrypt, then re-encrypt just to change a simple setting…. but I probably will because I like customization

I was reading further down in the other blog on the previous OS fix for this, and saw that changing the permissions would solve this. So far it is working just fine now. Thanks for the post and guide Jacob!!

This is persistent as long as you don’t change your desktop picture (from System Preferences/Desktop & Screen Saver).
As soon as you change the desktop picture, the is recreated with a blurry modified version of the new desktop picture.
[Checked on El Capitan 10.11.1]

I wish all of this was true , but even after saving as PNG, and making sure I did that *again* after switching my background to a new image… the blur eventually comes back despite no changes to the desktop background or admin image file. This is still confirmed for me on El Capitan 10.11.12 . Different desktop and login wallpaper desired without any blurring. I tested successfully during one intentional logout and another intentional restart with no issue…. but later on after resuming from sleep, the blur continued.

Additionally, even if I change the permissions on the new file to “read only” the sleep function will still revert the file to a blurred version of the desktop image.

Alright, let me clarify after further testing, the actual login screen is good now, both from intentional logout or a restart. It is only the LOCK screen that remains a blurry background of the desktop image.

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