Announcing And An Ad-blocking Operating System has been up for a while but thought I would announce it here.  As of now, information on the Pi-hole is scattered throughout my many blog posts, so having a centralized location should help you find what you need.

From that site, I will provide more professional installation instructions, documentation, and troubleshooting tips, etc.  It is also a better place for newcomers to learn how the Pi-hole works.  

Coming Soon: A Pi-hole Operating System Powered By DietPi

I am also hoping to release an installable operating system pre-configured as a Pi-hole.  This would allow you to download a .img file, burn it to an SD card, and then it is ready to go. DietPi is a minimized version of Raspbian, so it should improve performance as it is designed to only run the software you need.

More Updates, More Ads Blocked, More Stuff

There are also some other pretty cool things on the (event) horizon so stay tuned.  And if you use the Pi-hole and enjoy it, I would appreciate your donations as it is a lot of work to write the posts and explanations as anyone who runs a blog knows.