Pi-hole 2.0: Web Interface Dashboard

Similar to how you would log into a router to adjust settings, I want to have a Web interface for the Pi-hole.  You could log in to view stats, update the list of domains, and restart the device.  I made a demo of the interface.

The demo doesn’t do anything–it’s just there for display purposes, so you will see placeholder numbers and stats (although, you can use the donate button if you like what you see ?).  You can view a demo of the interface here, which is based off of AdminLTE.


I would like for the interface to use PHP to somehow query some basic stats found in this script and then be displayed in the colored boxes, but I don’t know enough about coding PHP yet, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know by making a pull request.  I would like to incorporate a lot of what Anon135813 has done but would prefer the more flat looking interface of AdminLTE.