Pi-hole 2.0: Web Interface Dashboard

Similar to how you would log into a router to adjust settings, I want to have a Web interface for the Pi-hole.  You could log in to view stats, update the list of domains, and restart the device.  I made a demo of the interface.

The demo doesn’t do anything–it’s just there for display purposes, so you will see placeholder numbers and stats (although, you can use the donate button if you like what you see ?).  You can view a demo of the interface here, which is based off of AdminLTE. Continue reading “Pi-hole 2.0: Web Interface Dashboard”

Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage By Blocking Hidden Ads

There have recently been posts about how apps are actually downloading tons of ads in the background.  Every time your device downloads an ad, it is using up your limited data as well as making your device slower.  These apps are basically committing ad fraud.

You can prevent this from happening by blocking the requests for these ads before they get to your device.  All you need is a Raspberry Pi-hole.  It works by redirecting the DNS queries for the advertisements. Continue reading “Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage By Blocking Hidden Ads”