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C.H.I.P. Is The $9 Computer That Is Smaller Than A Raspberry Pi

If you like the Raspberry Pi, you will love C.H.I.P.  For $9, the entry barrier to buying a computer is very low.  The Raspberry Pi set the bar, but if the C.H.I.P. is successful, a $9 computer is great!

Check out the project page for more details.

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Hmm, add 15 dollar for the hdmi converter, and 20 dollar shipping, and the pi looks better already.

I can not wait till MAY 2016 <- a year
If it was RIGHT NOW and would do the Pi Hole I would be selling it configured out and stuff right now….
but/repackage/ print instructions/tech support forum and make a few $$
I need a answer for my question about Pi Hole

Hello, I have the AdTrap and call those guys when I have problems and I
have been having a lot of server resets. My router, Asus RT-AC68U
running Merlin 374.43_2 firmware thinks it has more than one login under
their autoproxy setup. REGARDLESS….it works SOMEWHAT and I have one
of the first one's when they started to ship them after their
kickstarter campaign and I could get it online. Now the box is kinda of a
problem. They have it setup to always (every 1-2 minutes) ping a
server, that is in California, for a .jpg file so it can "see" if it has
a internet connection. WHY do I always need to be connected to these
I WANT really bad to try this Pi Hole out
Here on Amazon
Will this work?
Will it be hard to setup?
I point my router to the static IP address I assign (by MAC address) of
the Pi to use it as FIRST DNS query then goto the other IP addresses I
have as DNS lookup?
Will this take IPv6 requests and compare it to a list of IPv6 addresses?
Crapcastic (Comcast) gives me IPv6 addresses and this is the wave of the things to come.
I also have IPv4, like everyone…..
IPv6 thing is not so important as is this a good kit to get and will it
work as DNS query from the router, so I don't have to try to setup all
devices in my house, which I have between 12-26 devices connecting at
one time.
Does it have enough power to handle it?
The AdTrap, I feel, does NOT have enough power and the lag time makes browsing impossible sometimes and I just unplug it.
I hope I get a email when this is replied to, because I would like to do this as soon as possible.

1. The Raspberry Pi bundle you linked to will work so long as you install Raspbian.
2. Setup is relatively easy thanks to the one-command installation.

3. I don’t think pointing your routers DNS to the Pi but
4. The Pi-hole can run IPv6 but it needs a few modifications
5. I doubt the Pi can handle 26 devices as it only has 100BaseT

not all 26 devices connect at one time, that’s just the max if I had everything on and had 23 other people using it all at the same time…….which my townhouse isn’t big enough for that….:p
as in IPv6 modifications? what?
I would do a “fresh” install of Raspbian on it if I go do this

I want to find one that has 10/100/1000 on it as my internal network is 1Gb full duplex and to a Motorola SB-6141 cable modem that is also 10/100/1000.

I mean we are not continuously pounding my 30Mbps/7Mbps connection so 10/100, well on the 100 may do but prefer 1000bps

I haven’t tested this but I think you need to add an address=/ line in addition to the IPv4 one. According to the man page:

To give both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for a domain, use repeated -A flags -A is equivalent to address=

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