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Windows Snap Shortcut

I recently discovered this keyboard shortcut, which works in Windows 7 and 8.  It has been around for a long time, but I never knew about it.  The keyboard shortcut allows you to quickly snap windows the left, right, or top of the screen.

Windows key +Left Arrow, Right Arrow, or Up Arrow

Pair that with an Alt+Tab to switch between programs and you will be snapping windows left and right (literally).

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Yes windows does that. you can also move a window between multiple monitors using these same short-cut keys. I use to use them all the time. That why now linux I setup the similar key binding and more like thses. In my linux I use these:
Ctrl+Super+Up to Maximize,
Ctrl+Super+Down Undo Maximize/Minimze
Ctrl+Super+Right to Snap on Right half of the screen
Ctrl+Super+Left to Snap on Left half of the screen
Ctrl+Shift+Super+Right to Snap on Top Right quater of the screen
Ctrl+Shift+Super+Left to Snap on Top Left quater of the screen
Ctrl+Shift+Super+Up to Snap on Bottom Right quater of the screen
Ctrl+Shift+Super+Down to Snap on Bottom Left quater of the screen
F1 = Terminal
F3 = Browser
F4 = Close Active Window
F8 = Move Active window
ALT+TAB = Ring Switch (A fancy windows switcher from compiz window manager)
Ctrl+ALT+Right/Left to rotate desktop cube (compiz window manager, cube desktop)

they make using linux desktop a joy…

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