Pi-hole Improvements: More Ad Domains And A Better Script

The Pi-hole blocks ads for every device on your network by re-routing known ad-serving domains to a fake Web server.  I made a new branch of the project, which I will eventually merge back in with the master project.  This branch has additional domain sources (306,000), and a better script that uses a loop so additional source URLs can be added in much easier.

In addition, I also added a list of sites that have domain blacklists, which I hope to add into the script.  Some of them need a lot of formatting, but there are many to look at.  Eventually, the Pi-hole can also be used to block malware domains, phishing domains, spam domains, and anything else you don’t want to see or visit while using the Internet.

The script is meant to for the Raspberry Pi, but can be modified to run on other UNIX-like systems.