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OS X Yosemite (10.10.3) Has A New Hidden Spotlight Feature (Command+Control+D)

Prior to 10.10.3, you could use the keyboard shortcut Command+Control+D while hovering over a word to look up its meaning but if you try this shortcut after upgrading to 10.10.3, you will get a notification that you can now look up show suggestions from iTunes, App Store, movie showtimes, locations nearby, and more.


Note that you can only use the keyboard shortcut on a single word.  If you want to look up multiple words, you need to highlight the text, right-click, and choose Look Up in Dictionary.


Despite the menu’s name, it will still bring up the same window you see when using the shortcut.

right-click multiple words

So if you were to highlight the words Destiny and press Command+Control+D, you would get a window like the one shown below with multiple tabs.


Or you may want to know when Furious 7 is playing, so you can highlight the words “Furious 7,” right-click, and choose Look Up in Dictionary and you can see the current show times near your location.

furious 7 spotlight

Notice how the tabs change depending on the context of the word.  The word ubiquitous will just give entries from the Dictionary and Wikipedia.


Nothing earth-shattering here, but just another fun way to quickly look something up without having to go anywhere else.

8 replies on “OS X Yosemite (10.10.3) Has A New Hidden Spotlight Feature (Command+Control+D)”

Have you disabled any of the Spotlight items in System Preferences? I’m not sure what else would make it not work. It also depends on what words you search for.

“see the current show times near your location” – I think this only shows up on certain macs. Maybe just MacBooks that have location services enabled? In my case, on a Mac Pro without wifi enabled the feature doesn’t exist. Furthermore, when I right click, I only have the option: “Look Up” at the top of the right click menu & not “Look Up in Dictionary” in the middle of the menu as your guide shows

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