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Plans For Pi-Hole Ad-Blocking: Built Into Routers, Block Video Ads, And More

The Pi-hole, a black hole for ads, runs on the Raspberry Pi.  It can block a bunch of ads right now, even ads in free Android games.  Many people have contacted me about setting this up on their router, so they do not need a separate device, but rather anyone who connects to your network would gain ad-blocking capabilities.

I have also tried blocking Hulu video ads (actually skipping them, not just showing a black screen for a minute and a half).

Collaborating with some people, I think we have a working solution, however, I just need to make time to write it up.  Since I’m just a part time blogger and ironically enough, my site is funded by advertisements, it’s not my main job because I make a few pennies a day.  I just write stuff that I think is cool and that other people will enjoy.  If I make money, great.  If not, no worries, I’ll still put stuff out there just not as fast as some of the full-time, paid bloggers could do.

Anyway, look forward in the future for:

  • installing the Pi-hole on your wireless router
  • blocking Hulu, YouTube, GameTrailers and other video advertisements
  • adding more sources to the list of advertisers to block
  • a Pi-hole iOS app (just a dream right now)


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Great! This is actually one of the main articles I was looking at. It seems to have just about everything we need. They do a lot of GUI stuff in there, whereas I would like to have a script do most of it since that’s more fun. =) Although, flashing the firmware will still likely have to be done manually…

From experience dd-wrt firmware is very hardware specific, so most guides start from you already having installed dd-wrt. I’m not certain how much changes in the software between versions, but you may find that a script may not work across multiple versions. Just a thought. Maybe check on the forum, they are helpful.

I’ve followed the linked guide myself and my whole house has been happily add free for several years now, but I’m still in the process of implementing your pi based alternative as I’m not sure if dd-wrt performs any dns caching.

Thanks for your posts though, I enjoy reading about your projects! 🙂 phil.

That’s true. I haven’t flashed a router since the WRT54G days, but even then it was pretty hardware-specific. I’ll have to look into it some more. I’m not sure if OpenWRT is any different.

I’m glad you enjoy them! It’s fun to hear about other people’s experiences with it. Thanks!

ive been having issues with youtube videos not loading. ive tried adding * to the whitelist but it doesnt seem to be helping.

any update on this end?? does pi-hole support ddwrt now? i have a router running dd-wrt! if i could install pi-hole on it, it would be perfect.

We don’t have an install for any routers yet. It’s probably a ways off. We are volunteer devs and the project is growing rapidly.

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