Plans For Pi-Hole Ad-Blocking: Built Into Routers, Block Video Ads, And More

The Pi-hole, a black hole for ads, runs on the Raspberry Pi.  It can block a bunch of ads right now, even ads in free Android games.  Many people have contacted me about setting this up on their router, so they do not need a separate device, but rather anyone who connects to your network would gain ad-blocking capabilities.

I have also tried blocking Hulu video ads (actually skipping them, not just showing a black screen for a minute and a half).

Collaborating with some people, I think we have a working solution, however, I just need to make time to write it up.  Since I’m just a part time blogger and ironically enough, my site is funded by advertisements, it’s not my main job because I make a few pennies a day.  I just write stuff that I think is cool and that other people will enjoy.  If I make money, great.  If not, no worries, I’ll still put stuff out there just not as fast as some of the full-time, paid bloggers could do.

Anyway, look forward in the future for:

  • installing the Pi-hole on your wireless router
  • blocking Hulu, YouTube, GameTrailers and other video advertisements
  • adding more sources to the list of advertisers to block
  • a Pi-hole iOS app (just a dream right now)