Instant Raspberry Pi Ad-blocker

This Will Install The New Version Of The Pi-hole Only!

Run this command only on a clean install of the Raspberry Pi running Raspbian.  Your results may vary if you try to run this on an existing system, so it is not recommended.

  1. Install Raspbian onto the Pi (use this version if you plan on installing the mini LCD for real-time monitoring at some point)
  2. Connect the Pi to your router with an Ethernet cable
  3. (suggested) run sudo raspi-config  to expand the filesystem and give the GPU less memory
  4. Edit the /etc/network/interfaces  file to use a static IP address [critical step]
  5. Run this command (if you forgot to set a static IP, then run /usr/local/bin/ after that command finishes)
  6. Configure your computers/devices to use the Pi as their DNS server [critical step]
  7. (optional) Block malware or tracking sites
  8. (optional) Use alternative upstream DNS servers

Test If It Works

You can test if ads get blocked by using this site.