TestNav Workflows - OS X and Windows



Create an ARD workflow to prepare machines for testing

Save each script as a template.

00.Enable Accessibility

Run this once per computer and then reboot.

01.Login student user

This will log in the student user from the login window.

02a.Safari “Run in unsafe mode” and allow pop-ups

This adds exceptions for the TestNav sites to run in Safari.

02b.Chrome exceptions

This adds exceptions for the TestNav sites to run in Chrome.

03.Java exceptions

This creates Java exceptions using exception.sites.  Only use this method if you cannot deploy a DeploymentRuleset.jar.  Also be aware that I have had mixed results with this and it really hasn’t been working well since Pearson has updated TestNav.

04.Open System Check

This opens the System Check site so you can quickly see which computers it is or isn’t working on.

05.Click “Start” button

Click the start button on the System Check site so you don’t have to touch each computer manually.

06.Open sample test site

Open a sample test to verify functionality.

07.Enter sample credentials

Enter the credentials on all machines at one time.

08.Open real test site and bookmark it

Open the real test site and bookmark it in case students accidentally close it.

09.Make real test full-screen



  • Signed DeploymentRuleset.jar
  • pywin32 (via Choclatey: choco install pywin32 )

The Scripts

Save these as .py  files or save them in your Desktop Management suite of choice.

Login user

As far as I have learned, this is not possible to script on Windows.

Open System Check

Make browser full-screen

Click “Start” system check button

Open sample test

Make browser full-screen

Enter sample credentials

Open real test site

Bookmark test site