Give Your Office Door A Star Trek "Swoosh" Sound Effect

Give Your Office Door A Star Trek "Swoosh" Sound Effect

Feel like you are entering the bridge every time you come into your office by reproducing the Star Trek “swooshing” door sound.  This trick uses a Webcam that sense motion, which triggers a script that plays the sound file.  If you want something more professional looking, check out the Star Trek Door Panel on ThinkGeek.

What You Will Need

Set Up The Webcam And Speakers

Below is a picture of the setup I use.  I have a tall filing cabinet that the speakers and camera can sit on.

Configure EvoCam 4

Add A Motion Detecting Sensor

Add a new sensor from the menu bar.

Move and adjust the sensor to where the threshold of the door is.

Configure The Sensor To Trigger A Script

On the left side of the window, add this condition: When any sensor detects motion.

Then, add this action: Run shell script.

Your script can contain just one line:

afplay /path/to/door-shoosh.mp3

Save your work and let the fun begin.  Anytime motion is detected, the door swoosh will play.  Now you can feel like you live onboard an Intrepid-class starship.