Put Santa's Face In Your Wi-Fi Network Name

Put Santa's Face In Your Wi-Fi Network Name

Make sure Santa knows you want your presents delivered by setting your wireless network name to show his picture.  You may also want to add some presents in there so he knows that you want them.  Inspired by the spooky halloween SSID.  If Santa happens to be on his iPhone, your emojified network name will show up there, too!

Make A Christmas-themed Emoji Wi-Fi Network Name

Change Your Router’s Network SSID To Show Santa’s Mug

This is most-difficult method, but won’t work on some networking hardware.  The best instructions to try this out are on this article on Ars Technica.  If you are on Windows or Linux, you may want to check out this useful emoji unicode table since you don’t have as much drag-and-drop capabilities.

Internet-sharing Network

The next two methods are slightly limited as other users must connect directly to your computer.  But it might just be fun to do while your friends and family are around.  In this fist example, you share out your existing Internet connection to others who connect.

Go to System Preferences > Sharing and enable Internet Sharing.  Then, create a network by clicking Wi-Fi Options… name by dragging and dropping in the Santa emoji.

Making the network this way or the ad-hoc method below, will make the network show up under Device instead of the regular list of network names.  This is because you are connecting to a device, not a wireless router.

Ad-hoc Network

If you just want to have the network show up ad-hoc (no Internet access for people who connect), just choose Create Network… from the wireless menu.  Then open the Character Viewer (keyboard shortcut is Control+Command+Space) and drag Santa’s face into the network name.  Click Create and you are all set!