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Suppress Apple Update Notifications In Mavericks Without Disabling Notification Center

[UPDATE]: Yosemite support has been added.

I can’t guarantee results, but this has seemed to work for me.  The following commands disable the Apple App Store notifications that appear in OS X: --remove --remove

I believe removing the noticeboard and app store will also suppress notifications. --remove --remove

Disable These Annoying Notifications With

Normally, you cannot disable these because they do not show up in the Notifications pane of System Preferences, so I decided to write a command line utility that would allow you to do this called

updates could not be installed updates try againupdates ready

Give a try and see if you get the same results.

9 replies on “Suppress Apple Update Notifications In Mavericks Without Disabling Notification Center”

I’m trying to run this but not sure how to run the two commands along with the file.. should i put the file somewhere specific ?

You can run the file from anywhere, just drop the full path into Terminal and press Enter. You most likely will also need to run the command chmod 755 /path/to/

I keep mine in /usr/bin so that I can just type instead of the full path. You will need to log out or run this command to get this to work: source .bash_profile

I tried your script.. didn’t work for me 🙁
I ran the script.. logout and few hours after i got the popup saying: updates ready to install!!!!

Try restarting, too. If you do -l, you will see there are other app store entries. Try removing some more of those. I think there are separate entries for OS updates, app updates, OS upgrade notifications, etc.

Thank you for sharing your script.. I applied what you suggested, restarted the mac, and here iam waiting to see if they will appear again or not.. do you know how often usually those popups appear ?

Some of the alerts let you choose: “Try again in an hour,” “Remind me tomorrow,” etc. But I guess I do not know which entries in Notification Center correlate with each notification type…

Also, this does not work on Yosemite yet, just Mavericks.

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