Attempting to Block Hulu Plus Video Ads Using A Raspberry Pi

[UPDATE 2015-03-28] I have some more information about blocking video ads.  I just need to make some time to write it up…

The keyword here is attempting.  What is strange is that I actually had this working at one point.  The Hulu video ads would be completely skipped (not just 30-90 seconds of silence).  Unfortunately, when I reinstalled Raspbian and tried to follow my own steps (a few weeks later), it no longer worked.  Since then, I have gone through the steps many, many times and have come to the conclusion that Hulu must have changed something on their end that disrupted my method, or I forgot to document a crucial step… Continue reading “Attempting to Block Hulu Plus Video Ads Using A Raspberry Pi”

Geeklets In OS X Yosemite’s Notification Center (Using Today Scripts)

I have been a long time fan of GeekTool, and more recently Übersicht.  Now there is something I think is even better: Today Scripts, which puts your shell commands into Notification Center in Yosemite!

Today Scripts lets you run your Terminal commands and print the output in Notification Center for a more “native” look then you would get with GeekTool or Übersicht. Continue reading “Geeklets In OS X Yosemite’s Notification Center (Using Today Scripts)”

Suppress Apple Update Notifications In Mavericks Without Disabling Notification Center

[UPDATE]: Yosemite support has been added.

I can’t guarantee results, but this has seemed to work for me.  The following commands disable the Apple App Store notifications that appear in OS X: --remove --remove

Continue reading “Suppress Apple Update Notifications In Mavericks Without Disabling Notification Center”

Detecting Wirelurker Malware

[UPDATE] It appears the command and control infrastructure has been neutralized.

Palo Alto has already written a script that will detect the Wirelurker malware.  It basically scans for the files known to be malicious.  Just download the script and run it from Terminal:

curl -O</code>

Continue reading “Detecting Wirelurker Malware”

MaidSafe Farmer On Your Raspberry Pi

The project is still under development and the only way to try it out, is by compiling it yourself, which will probably turn off the majority of interested parties.

I was most interested in becoming a “farmer” and earning SafeCoins by leaving my Raspberry Pi connected to the Safe (Secure Access For Everyone) Network, but after completing everything, I was left not knowing what to do.  It is confusing because the Website makes it seem like you can already easily get involved, but I think they are just in the testing phases still. Continue reading “MaidSafe Farmer On Your Raspberry Pi”

Managing GarageBand Loops At the Command Line

GarageBand has a lot of royalty-free loops and additional content that’s not installed by default.  If you are a Mac admin and need to deploy GarageBand and/or Logic, you don’t want every client to have to download the additional content when it is first opened.  It is much better to deploy the content during imaging. Continue reading “Managing GarageBand Loops At the Command Line”