Pi-hole: Raspberry Pi Ad-Blocker [Advanced Setup]

Roll-your-own Pi-hole Ad-blocker!

Automated Install

Run this command only on a clean install of the Raspberry Pi running Raspbian.

curl -s "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jacobsalmela/pi-hole/master/automated%20install/basic-install.sh" | bash

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The JSS System Admin’s Desktop [GeekTool]

If you work with the Casper Suite or are a System Administrator, you will probably enjoy this GeekTool setup.  It provides a ton of the regular information you access but instead of clicking around to find it, it is all there when you log in.  I set it to deploy to all my machines on the local admin account so when I log in to troubleshoot a device, I have all the information right at my fingertips. Continue reading “The JSS System Admin’s Desktop [GeekTool]”

Roll-your-own Protection From A New Malware Called XSLCmd

A nasty piece of malware on OS X is XSLCmd.  Using a neat trick, you can get alerted if your computer gets infected.  This malware can open a reverse shell, list and transfer files, and install additional malware.  Definitely not something you want.  The problem with some malware–especially zero-day attacks–is that your anti-virus program might not detect it.  But using this trick you can at least know something got installed to your Mac that shouldn’t be there. Continue reading “Roll-your-own Protection From A New Malware Called XSLCmd”