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OS X: List of Four-finger Death-strike Keyboard Shortcuts

All of the following keyboard shortcuts require four fingers.

  • Command+Control+Option+8: invert screen colors
  • Command+Shift+Option+Delete: (while the Finder is active) empty the trash without prompting
  • Command+Option+Shift+Delete: (while a file is highlighted) duplicate a file
  • Holding Shift-Cmd-Opt-Esc for three seconds: force quit the frontmost application
  • Command+Shift+4 and then Space: take a screenshot of just a window
  • Command+Shift+Control+3: copy screenshot to the clipboard
  • Command+Shift+Option+Q: log out without prompting or saving
  • Command+Control+Option+Eject: immediate shutdown
  • Command+Option+P+R: (while booting up) reset PRAM
  • Command+Option+Control+Period: increase contrast
  • Command+Option+Control+Comma: decrease contrast
  • Command+Option+Control+1: arrange Finder items by name
  • Command+Option+Control+2: arrange Finder items by kind
  • Command+Option+Control+3: arrange Finder items by date last opened
  • Command+Option+Control+4: arrange Finder items by date added
  • Command+Option+Control+5: arrange Finder items by date modified
  • Command+Option+Control+6: arrange Finder items by size
  • Command+Option+Control+7: arrange Finder items by tags

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