Xiki Shell Offers the Best GUI Features in the CLI

Xiki Shell Offers the Best GUI Features in the CLI

If you use the command-line often, you will probably love Xsh, which is currently being funded on Kickstarter.  OS X already does a decent job giving the best of both the GUI and the CLI, but the Xiki Shell is in a class all of its own.

I had to watch the Kickstarter video a couple of time because of all the features available.  But it definitely makes bash seem outdated.

There are an amazing amount of features that could make command line administration much easier and faster.  One of my favorite features listed in the video is the ability to edit HTML/CSS files in the command line and see the changes happen in a GUI browser window.

The Xiki shell also makes almost anything clickable or interactive including:

  • url’s
  • file and dir paths
  • remote server paths
  • git hashes
  • code (in many languages)
  • tweets
  • email addresses (to email)
  • musical notes

It is difficult to explain everything, but watch the video on Kickstarter and see for yourself.