IPv6 Certification Walkthrough – Guru-level, Hurricane Electric (part 6)


Part six of my IPv6 certification walkthrough for Hurricane Electric: Become an IPv6 Sage!

IPv6: Guru-level Certification

Need help on a different IPv6 certification level?  I have walkthroughs for all of them!  These walkthroughs are for OS X.

  1. Newbie
  2. Explorer
  3. Enthusiast
  4. Administrator
  5. Professional
  6. Guru
  7. Sage
  8. Beyond Sage

Conceptual Overview of Earning the Guru-Level Certification

Your task at this level  is to verify that the name servers for your domain have AAAA records and those name servers need to be able to respond to queries made via IPv6.

  1. If you followed this guide and are using dns.he.net for your DNS records, you are almost a Guru (HE already does this for you so all you need to to do is click Submit)!
  2. If you have your own DNS servers, just verify that they support IPv6 queries and then bind them to the appropriate IPv6 interface.
  3. Ask HE to verify this step

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