IPv6 Certification Walkthrough – Beyond Sage (Bonus), Hurricane Electric (part 8)

IPv6 Certification Walkthrough – Beyond Sage (Bonus), Hurricane Electric (part 8)

Part eight of my IPv6 certification walkthrough for Hurricane Electric: Become an IPv6 Sage!

Bonuses To Try After Becoming A Sage

Need help on a different IPv6 certification level?  I have walkthroughs for all of them!  These walkthroughs are for OS X.

Congratulations on becoming a Sage!  But there is still more work to do.  Think of these as the bonus missions after defeating the final boss.  New Certification +

Daily Tasks

Each day, you can gain additional points up to 1500.  If you are a completionist, these tips will help you.  If you have already acquired the Sage-level certification, these daily tasks are not required, but they do offer great practice.  If you need a list of IPv6 sites to try, I used this one.

Commands for Daily Tasks (via Terminal)

Paste the output of all of the commands into the fields on the HE site.

Traceroute to an IPv6 Website

traceroute6 6connect.net

Dig an IPv6 AAAA Record

dig 6connect.net AAAA

Dig an IPv6 PTR record

Use the IPv6 address of the site used in the previous commands.

dig -x <ipv6_address>

Ping an IPv6 Website

ping6 6connect.net

Look Up Whois Information on a Website

whois -h whois.lacnic.net <ipv6_address>

If You Are Lazy…

There are some scripts out there to automate this task, which I will post here soon.

Extra Points and A Free T-shirt

You can also get a few extra bonus points and and a free IPv6 t-shirt.  To do this, you just need to update your account information (name, shipping address, etc.) and then select a t-shirt size.  It took a few months for the shirt to arrive, but the points showed up right away.

Get A Replacement T-shirt If Yours Is Worn Out

You can get a free replacement if your shirt is worn out.  All you need to do is post a picture of it on social media.  Email the URL of your post to specials@he.net along with your shipping information.  After a while, they will probably send you a postcard like the one below.