Need help on a different IPv6 certification level?  I have walkthroughs for all of them!

Earn A Free IPv6 Certification From the Comfort of Home!

Part one of my IPv6 certification walkthrough for Hurricane Electric: Become an IPv6 Sage!

IPv6: Newbie Level Certification

Need help on a different IPv6 certification level? I have walkthroughs for all of them!  These walkthroughs are for OS X.


The only requirement for this level is to pass a five-question test.  IPv6 is very complex and in order to get the Sage-level  certification, you will need a strong foundation of knowledge.  This is the perfect place to start.

  1. Make an account at Hurricane Electric
  2. Read the IPv6 primer
  3. Take the test

You can easily just find the answers and fill them in, but I would suggest actually learning it until it feels like second nature.  You will get easily-discouraged and probably give up on the next level if you do not have a strong understanding of IPv6.  This guide pretty much walks you through the steps, but if you don’t really understand what you are doing, what is the point?

If you are confused after reading the primer or feel overwhelmed, I would suggest checking out the TCP/IP guide and read the entire thing (yes–it will take a very long time, but it is worth it!).  The author does a good job of simplifying complex topics through analogies and humor.  If you are a little bit lazy, them just read the sections on IPv6.