Roll-your-own Anonymizing Email Server

This post isn't about a specific security breach, but rather a post to educate you on how to better protect your online identity.  The term "anonymize" is used loosely for lack of a better word. TL;DR Create a unique email address that forwards to your real email for every site you sign up for. Create a unique password for each site you sign up for Don't reveal your real email address again Make hacker's work more difficult The Scenario You might not think it, but your email Read more [...]

Customize WinPE With Wallpaper and Custom Startup Script

WinPE is a useful tool for booting a computer and laying down a new operating system.  In this post, I'll show you how to make WinPE a little more useful by automatically running a custom script at startup. Generate WinPE File Structure On your Windows 10 machine, make sure the Windows 10 ADK is installed.  Then, open the Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment command prompt as an administrator. Run the following commands to create the WinPE files. Next, mount Read more [...]

Celebrate 50 Years Of Star Trek With These Nerdy Computer Tricks

I'm a huge fan of Star Trek.  So much so that many of my blog posts are about doing nerdy Star Trek-related things with your computer.  Here are a few of my favorites. Turn Your Mac's Wallpaper Into An LCARS Terminal (Complete With Sound Effects) Download this System47 screensaver (which unfortunately requires the latest version of Flash) and then run this command: Create A Self-destruct Voice Command For Your Mac It's just for fun and won't actually overwrite Read more [...]

Merge PDFs Natively With A Right-Click In OS X

UPDATE: If you installed this script today (2016-08-15), you may need to update it.  I added a line in the script that should prevent duplicate pages from being appended. There are plenty of apps that help you merge PDFs into a single file, but if you want something faster with a "native" feel, you can set up an OS X service to quickly merge selected PDFs simply by right-clicking them. Setting It Up First, open Terminal an enter this command to install the Python module that makes this Read more [...]

Ad-free Olympics Using Pi-hole

Sick of ads when trying to enjoy the Olympics?  Not me.  I have been blocking them since day one!

Pi-hole ad blocker works differently than others because it is a DNS-based ad blocker.  This means ads are blocked before they are downloaded so you can even block ads in apps (like the NBC olympic streaming app).

Check out the blog post on for more information.